Friday, June 5, 2009

As Rigid As Possible Image Registration

Amazing technique to animate cartoon based on just pictures

Hashsum -- Online Cryptography Checker

A while back I wrote a Silverlight "test app" called HashSum, basically to evaluate Silverlight. HashSum is the only online crytography checker that allows you to check files of any sizes... I'm talking about gigabyte files in seconds! It supports many different crytography hashing algorithms including SHA, MD2, MD4, MD5, Tiger, Whirlpool, etc. And it's completely free.

This is a relatively simple utility, and there are many such utilities written as desktop freewares or sharewares (some even charge $19.99, what a ripoff). I've heard horror stories such as spyware and even virus that go with those softwares. Scary! For many occasional users, there is really very little need to do that anymore with the use of HashSum.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

What Is This Blog About?

I'll use this forum to talk about Coloroke, photography, Silverlight, Rich Internet Application (RIA), and a slew of topics that interest me. Let's see how it goes!

Welcome to the Coloroke Blog!

Hi there, I've just started this blog in preparation for the launch of the Coloroke website, something that I have worked on for a while. Stay tuned!